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*making an edit*
"This looks really nice so far!"
*an hour later*
"Umm no. What is this?! Maybe if I undo some stuff I can fix it…"
*five minutes later*
*deletes edit*

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"Just bring my brother back from the dead and you can have my soul," Jonghyun pleaded the red eyed demon.
"A little desparate aren't you? Well I am just going to say that it's going to take a lot more than just a kiss to seal the deal with me," smirked Key as he eyed the young male across from him, imagining all the fun things he will do with him tonight.

AU where Jonghyun summons a Key, a crossroad demon, to bring Minho back from the dead. (Inspired by Supernatural)


Model!AU - Key, Onkey

Art by me, Fic by Lauren

The hardest part is looking through the viewfinder and knowing that what he sees will be completely different when he lowers the camera.

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So I just wanted to say thank you  to all of you for making my experience on tumblr so amazing, for all the awesome stuff that pop up on  my dash everyday, for your wonderful posts!

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People need to stop arguing about who’s the Queen of Kpop because it’s Key.